• Updates in the Care of Transgender Patients in the Perioperative Setting

    Discrimination, bias, and marginalization in our profession is inherent. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it is inherent with any profession for it is human nature. The main goal of this presentation is, to first and foremost, assess one’s own personal bias in the care of transgender individuals as patients, have an open mind, and then learn the accompanying skills and knowledge in the care for the utmost safety of our patients, as a whole. According to Equality Florida, 30% of transgender people have postponed medical care for fear of being marginalized and 20% have been refused care. The transgender community is rapidly evolving and care in the surgical setting is expanding. With this presentation, terminologies, medications, and best practices for the surgical care of transgender patients will be discussed in alignment with the different stages of transition (e.g., male to female, or female to male). (1 Class A CE)