Continuing Education
  • Sleeping with Mary Jane: Cannabis Considerations for the Nurse Anesthetist

    Anesthesia providers are more frequently encountering patients who have recently used cannabis prior to surgical procedures, and this number will inevitably increase over time. Special concerns that will be covered in this presentation include:

    • Ethical and legal concerns
    • Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics related to the endocannabinoid system
    • Physiological effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems
    • Overview of risks related to perioperative cardiopulmonary morbidity
    • Cross-tolerance to anesthetic agents
    • Discussion of case reports and relevant research, including a retrospective study conducted by the presenter in the endoscopy suite.

    At this session’s conclusion, attendees will have learned to identify legal and ethical concerns for identification and stratification of cannabis use, ability to obtain informed consent, and abstinence in the preoperative period; list the intraoperative cardiopulmonary consequence of cannabis use; and identify and describe cross-tolerance in order to alleviate risk for sub-anesthetic dosing in the intraoperative period. (1 Class A CE with .5 Pharm)