Congress 2020
  • Predictors of supplement use in surgery-scheduled military members

    Over 50% of patients in the US use dietary supplements (DS)—and the surgery-destined military population appears to utilize such substances more frequently than the population at large. Thus, understanding DS use is central to predicting and anticipating potential negative sequelae in patient outcomes in anesthesia.  Authors of the poster, “Exploration of Predictive Modeling of Defense Health Agency & Veterans Affairs Beneficiaries’ Dietary Supplements Use,” examined the predictors of DS use among Defense Health Agency (DHA) & Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries who were scheduled for surgical procedures, and investigated the potential predictors of overall health and fitness perceptions among military personnel, family members, and Veterans who take DS. These results, presented during the recent AANA 2020 Virtual Congress, provide opportunities for CRNAs to improve preoperative assessments, design patient-specific anesthesia, and enhance patient education.

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