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  • Nurses on Boards Coalition - Influencing and Preparing Nurses to Serve on Boards

    By Emily Butera, BA, Professional Practice and State Government Affairs Coordinator

    Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC) is committed to increasing the presence and influence of nurses on corporate, health-related, boards, panels, and commissions. NOBC’s guiding principle is that building healthier communities in America requires this type of involvement from nurses. Nurses represent the largest segment of the healthcare workforce and play a large role on the frontlines of care in our schools, hospitals, community health centers, long-term care facilities, and other places. The NOBC believes their perspective and influence must be greater felt at decision-making tables.

    One of the key strategies of the NOBC is to target board placements where nurses can influence policies regarding the social determinants of health to ensure social justice and equity at the community level. NOBC also demonstrates of the value of nurses in board seats, identifies perceived barriers, and disseminates measures of success related to desired outcomes of nurses serving on board seats.

    Sue Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said “Board service can be rewarding to nurses both personally and professionally. It not only requires them to exercise leadership; it expands those skills and advances their capabilities and knowledge. It gives nurses the chance to meet people and enhance their professional networks. And it can be inspirational and empowering.”

    The NOBC has many resources for nurses who are interested in serving on a board. The organization’s Board Preparation Work Group has identified core competencies as preparation to serving. The document states that the nurse must be mission driven, possess financial knowledge, communicate effectively, have cultural awareness and competence, and be an overall leader to serve on a board. Other resources the NOBC has available include a board readiness assessment, advice for obtaining a board seat, and more.

    In 2020, the NOBC achieved the coalition’s initial key strategy of ensuring that at least 10,000 board seats were filled by nurses, including CRNAs. Since then, NOBC has continued to model the guiding principles of collaboration with diverse national nursing association members, healthcare and business strategic partners, sponsors, and state contacts, who share our commitment to improve health for all.

    As a member of NOBC, American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) encourages CRNAs to register their board service and support NOBC to continue to build upon their goal. AANA is represented on NOBC by Jana Bailey, APRN, CRNA who serves on the Board of Directors, membership committee, and communication workgroup. AANA supports NOBC’s strategy to help health nurse leaders prepare for and pursue board opportunities, promote collaboration among state and national organizations, and demonstrate the impact of nurses serving on boards.

    All CRNAs and SRNAs are encouraged to visit the NOBC website, at, to log any board service, share your story of why you serve, and register to be notified of board service opportunities, and review available resources.