Continuing Education
  • Keeping the Clot Firm: Case Studies in Coagulation Challenges Utilizing Viscoelastography Testing (ROTEM, TEG, and SEER)

    Have you had difficulty deciding when to transfuse plasma, platelets, or cryoprecipitate? Does your facility have established coagulation treatment algorithms to help you decide the correct amount to transfuse when the patient is bleeding? Do you know the thresholds for transfusing in the non-bleeding liver failure patient with low platelets?

    This comprehensive session will describe viscoelastic analysis and normal values utilizing ROTEM, TEG, and SEER technologies; utilize coagulation treatment algorithms for interpretation of viscoelastic results in acute surgical bleeding in trauma, post-partum hemorrhage, cardiac surgery, and transplant surgery; and identify the correct choice and amount of blood components to utilize in case study presentations.

    Come and learn the basic principles of viscoelastic testing and how to manage your patients with evidence-based guidelines and algorithms. (1 Class A CE)