Continuing Education
  • Intersectionality of Racial/Health Disparities and Social Isolation of Nurse Anesthesia Students of Color: Strategies for Feasible Solutions and Measurable Outcomes

    Historically, racial and ethnic minority nurse anesthesia students are severely underrepresented in graduate nurse anesthesia programs. This phenomenon is accompanied with social isolation in academia and in clinical rotations. This adversely impacts any well-meaning efforts in combating racial/health disparities. Social isolation is not in congruence with university affiliate diversity initiatives and mission. This presentation will bring awareness of this issue that have been in existence for decades by describing social isolation and health disparities amongst URM in nurse anesthesia students; explaining negative effects of social isolation towards URM nurse anesthesia students; and discussing strategic initiatives to reduce implications of social isolation with measurable outcomes. These strategic efforts are multi-faceted with a purposeful agenda to address this issue. This presentation seeks to bring awareness to a problem that requires further research and future publication in a peer-review nursing journal. (.5 Class A CE)