Continuing Education
  • Greening the OR: What Can We Do to Make the Perioperative Process More Environmentally Friendly?

    No guidelines or recommendations discuss the carbon footprint in the healthcare system, yet healthcare is a major contributor to greenhouse emissions and solid waste. The healthcare sector accounts for 8% of the US total greenhouse gas emissions. Hospitals are a large contributor of solid waste, with 25-30% of this coming from the operating room.

    In this session we will seek to identify ways in which practices in the operating room are not environmentally sustainable; detect tactics to make their work environment more environmentally sustainable; and understand strategies to develop a “green team” at their facility.
    Come learn how to make your practice and work environment more “green” and make peri-operative care safer—not just for your patient on the table—but for the entire population. (1 Class A CE with .75 Pharm)