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  • Everybody’s Doing It and YOU Can Too – Georgia Edition

    A funny thing happened in Georgia – 13 nurses ran for political office in 2020!

    Two for US Congress: Renee S. Untermann – R HD-7 & Tabitha Johnson Green – D HD-10

    One for State Senate: June Krise – D SD-51

    Ten for State House: Vikki Mills – R HD-1; Sharon Cooper – R HD-43; Luisa Wakeman – D HD 43 (yep – two nurses, one district – nursing could not lose!); Shirley Ritchie – D HD-46; Frederick Rovener – D HD-72; Viola Davis – D HD-87; Carol Field – R HD-101; Jodi Lott – R HD-122; Joyce Barlow – D HD-151; John LaHood – R HD-175

    These nurses come from different backgrounds, different parties. Some are new to politics – others have held many offices before running in 2020. Many have run, lost, and run again. The one thing they all have in common is their willingness to throw their hat in the ring to make better public policy and advocate for an entire population rather than one patient at a time. Why? Because they are nurses and they knew that they could.

    We know what you’re thinking: I’ve never done anything like this before! Or I don’t have $10,000 extra dollars lying around. Or what do I know about running for office? None of these nurses are independently wealthy. Many were angry about a pothole or wanted a local playground or a stop sign placed at the end of their street. One worked with a state legislator to introduce a bill about an environmental issue that she believed would make her community safer. One was just pissed after being called “little lady” by a Councilman when she raised a concern and set out to become the city’s mayor (ie: his boss). Note: she was successful.

    The point? You don’t need a ten-year plan.

    To be a candidate, you have to be focused – just like you were about admission into a nurse anesthesia program. You have to be willing to work hard – you graduated from that nurse anesthesia program, right? Anesthesia school ain’t beanbag to borrow a phrase. You have to be willing to stand up for a cause – just like you advocate for your patients every day in the OR. You have to be passionate – just like you are about your career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

    So now that you know you can run, what do you want to run for?