Congress 2020
  • Drug Diversion and the CRNA: Impact and Response Due to COVID-19

    The medical literature indicates that 10% to 15% of healthcare professionals will misuse drugs at some point in their career. Anesthesia, as a specialty, is a high-risk environment. And while one 2012 study (in which CRNAs were likely grouped into general nursing) estimated a somewhat lower incidence of substance misuse at 6% to 10%, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing reported an increased incidence among CRNAs compared to other nursing roles. This webinar program will discuss rates of drug abuse in anesthesia providers/CRNAs and list examples of the most commonly diverted controlled substances; describe the consequences of diverting drugs; explain the symptoms of someone who is diverting drugs and treatment options for them; explain steps the anesthesia provider and the hospital can take to decrease drug diversion; and describe how COVID-19 is impacting anesthesia practice and drug diversion risk via a compelling case study of one Illinois health system’s recent experience.