• CRNA 'Second Victim' Peer Support Program

    CRNAs involved in an unanticipated adverse patient event, a medical error, or a patient-related injury are frequently traumatized by the event.

    Often these “second victims” sense personal responsibility for the patient outcome, feeling as though they failed the patient and subsequently second guessing their clinical skills and knowledge base.

    Poster authors from The University of Alabama at Birmingham cite that some 50% of healthcare providers have experienced negative physical and psychological effects following an adverse event.

    Their quality improvement program, presented at AANA Foundation’s “State of the Science” Poster Session, examined how establishment of a CRNA ‘second victim’ peer support program might improve employee morale and job satisfaction, decrease stress, turnover and absenteeism, and positively affect patient safety.

    Learn the 4 phases of their program and—what they determined are the 5 essential elements for such a program’s successful adoption.