AANA Podcast
  • Cracking the ‘Mask Ceiling’ CRNA Professional Opportunities at a Leading National Medical Group

    We sit down exclusively with the leadership of one of the nation’s leading national medical groups and explore how championing a care team model makes for a superlative, safe, and satisfying workplace for CRNAs—particularly in the age of COVID-19. Hear how Envision Physician Services is not only pioneering the delivery of care through its innovative programs, groundbreaking care solutions, and inventive delivery environments, but also creatively forging new career paths for anesthesia professionals. If you’re a CRNA who is not currently immersed in an environment of collaboration, one in which you feel valued; if you are not experiencing a full scope of practice and enjoying an exceptional work-life balance; if you’re considering your next career move, this is a not-to-be-missed exchange that candidly reveals what the essential tenets, standards, and qualities are of an organization which operates with the primary goal of making a difference to people in need of care.