Early Career
  • Big Brother Chat: Why I Didn't Become An NP? Will I Stay In California?

    Jason Bolt, DNP, CRNA is a CRNA who is passionate about advocating for his profession and helping others along their clinical and educational journeys. Jason uses social media and Youtube to connect with others and shares his own path in hopes that it may inspire or guide people when they need it. Follow Jason on Instagram and on Youtube.

    Today’s video is that Q&A I promised a few weeks ago on Instagram. You asked the questions and I giving out the honest answers. Make sure and hit that like button and click the notification bell so you can always get the newest videos when they’re posted. Share the videos with your friends so we can continue to grow the community. Become a member of the channel to connect with me and get exclusive content like study guides for CRNA School Interviews, private videos monthly, live chats with me, and personal one on one mentorship. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJmG…