• ACS Trauma Verification Program Removes Level III Restrictions on CRNA Practice

    After extensive AANA advocacy, the American College of Surgeons Verification, Review, and Consultation Program recently removed the last remaining restriction on CRNA practice in the Level III trauma program. That restriction previously excluded CRNAs who are not licensed to practice independently from serving as the anesthesia liaison to the facility trauma program. (The facility trauma program performs multidisciplinary peer review.)

    • In the past, CRNAs with state supervision requirements could not serve in this role, even if an all-CRNA practice provided anesthesia for the facility. Instead, these facilities would need to retain a physician anesthesiologist solely to serve as anesthesia liaison to the trauma program.
    • With this positive change, CRNAs may serve in this role regardless of whether they work under state physician supervision requirements. Facilities are no longer required to pay/retain a physician anesthesiologist solely to serve in this role.
    • This means there are no remaining restrictions on CRNA practice in the Level III trauma program. For more information about the Level III requirements, see Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient/ Resources Repository, including Verification Change Log 2020 and Clarification Document 2020.

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