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  • AANA Dental Advisory Panel Continues Supporting CRNAs in Office-Based Dental Practices


    • Alison Carter, MS, APRN, CRNA
    • Cathy Harrison, DNAP, MSN, CRNA
    • AANA Dental Advisory Panel Co-Chairs

    The AANA’s Dental Advisory Panel (DAP) is composed of CRNAs whose clinical practice focuses on office-based dental anesthesia and who serve as patient advocates and subject matter experts in this field.

    Resources Supporting CRNA Office-based Dental Anesthesia Practice

    The DAP has developed numerous resources to help CRNAs who are working in or are looking to expand their practice to offer office-based dental anesthesia.  These documents include information on state law and regulations, advocacy-related resources, dental anesthesia business considerations, position statement, and patient safety and clinical practice resources.  Recently developed resources are linked below, and all resources can be found at

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    Several DAP members served on a panel discussion for a recent AANA Clinical Rounds webinar, titled Office-based Dental Anesthesia Practice, which is available for replay on the CRNA Knowledge Network.  Panelists discuss topics including business considerations; state licensure, permit requirements, and compliance; monitoring and equipment requirements; clinical considerations and anesthesia techniques; reimbursement arrangements; barriers to practice; and available AANA resources.

    Supporting Patient Safety

    In early-2020, the AANA partnered with the Dental Patient Safety Foundation (DPSF), which is an independent, multidisciplinary patient safety organization (PSO) whose purpose is to improve patient safety and quality in dental care.  Clinicians, including CRNAs, can safely, voluntarily, and confidentially report data to DPSF’s reporting tool and review published safety reports at

    Positive Movement in the States

    Several states have recently enacted laws or adopted rules advancing CRNA practice in dental offices, including South Dakota, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  The AANA is currently working with state nurse anesthetist associations in additional states as they pursue similar initiatives to remove barriers to dental office practice, and DAP members provide input and expertise to support these state efforts.

    Focusing on Medicaid Reimbursement

    The DAP is working on gaining a better understating of the access to care and reimbursement for sedation/anesthesia services for patients with limited resources who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare.  The DAP has developed a survey, which will be sent to CRNAs who note “dental” as one of their areas of practice on their AANA practice profile.  This survey will be disseminated in March 2021.  If you received the survey via email, we encourage you to complete this information, which will help the DAP and the AANA in future dental-related initiatives.


    The members of the DAP are passionate about patient safety, access to dental care, and advocacy to break down barriers for CRNAs to provide sedation/anesthesia services, particularly in the office-based dental environment.  Visit for available resources and contact with questions or to reach a DAP member.