• AANA Commences Year-Long Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Campaign

    This month, the AANA is launching a year-long “I Am Me” Campaign to acknowledge and explore cultural and community observances.  As part of this campaign, we will offer webinars, podcasts, articles, and other educational resources, while sharing I Am Me statements from CRNAs and SRNAs across the country to celebrate all types of diversity.

    “Appreciating what makes us unique as anesthesia providers furthers our understanding of new perspectives, opens our minds to unseen needs, and shows others that their opinions matter,” said AANA Chief Executive Officer Randall D. Moore, DNP, CRNA, MBA. “Diversity and inclusion can’t be achieved overnight. However, if we make a proactive effort year-round, over time this cultural shift will be interwoven into the fabric of our association.”

    A diverse, equitable, and inclusive association is critical to any profession that intends to succeed in the future. As celebrated in years past, April is “Celebrate Diversity” Month, which focuses on the unique attributes that make our membership special while finding common ground, deepening each person’s appreciation for others’ differences, and creating an inclusive profession where everyone can thrive.

    Creating a culture of inclusion in the nurse anesthesia profession is a journey and working to increase understanding and knowledge around all types of diversity is an act of cultural humility that will benefit the nurse anesthesia profession, our association community, and our patients.  While some healthcare facilities may offer diversity, equity, and inclusion training as part of their employee onboarding process or continuing education, this is not always a requirement.  Whether you have participated in continuing education in this area before, or you would like to increase your knowledge in the area of DEI, look for the I Am Me campaign on all AANA social media platforms and publications. Submit your I Am Me statement.